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IfMetrics monitor your Unix system with all running processes. When we find an error our state-of-art AI will automagically fix it.

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IfMetrics is an AI-powered tool that monitors your Unix system in realtime. It comes with a state-of-art AI, which helps you detect problems and irregularities on your system. Unlike other monitoring tools IfMetrics will automagically fix problems that are deemed to be harmful to your server. It is able to self-learn using concepts of self-supervised machine learning. It gives you the power of fixing your system yourself without ever having to contact a support person or engineer.

predictive analytics

You can use IfMetrics to monitor daemon processes or similar programs running on localhost. IfMetrics is particularly useful for monitoring daemon processes, such as those started at system boot time from /etc/init/ For instance sendmail, sshd, apache and mysql.


You can also use IfMetrics to monitor files, directories and filesystems on localhost. IfMetrics can monitor these items for changes, such as timestamps changes, checksum changes or size changes. This is also useful for security reasons - you can monitor the md5 or sha1 checksum of files that should not change and get an alert or perform an action if they should change.

Connect IfMetrics with the tools you use every day

IfMetrics integrates with over 200 of the best monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and collaboration tools. Paired with a flexible rules engine, IfMetrics notifies the right people enabling them to take rapid action.

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Use IfMetrics solo plan and monitor your growing tech stack and start diagnose.


per server, per month

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  • Monitor processes
  • Monitor files, directories and filesystems
  • Monitor general system resources (overall CPU usage, Memory and Load Average)


Use IfMetrics to power your growing tech stack and monitor every single process.


per server, per month

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All of Solo plus
  • Increased data retention period
  • Set notifications and alerts
  • Monitor process and their characteristics
  • Monitor storage limits
  • Monitor your logs


Solve complex business problems with standardized data.



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All plans plus
  • 3th-party integrations and enrich data
  • Enforce data quality with Protocols
  • Set granular user roles and permissions
  • Manage alerts and incidents from anywhere with IfMetrics’s iOS & Android mobile apps.
  • Restrict access to data such as integrations, schedules and escalations to their owner teams.
  • Service-level status pages for Stakeholders to view information about the status of incidents and progress of resolution.
  • Replay historical data into any new tool and more...

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Log Collection

Helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.


per month

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  • All Issues, one place, See all Issues across your entire organization or select a handful of projects to surface correlated trouble spots.
  • Trail of events, discovered, Breadcrumbs make application development a little easier by showing you the trails of events that lead to the error(s).
  • Data, visualized
  • Queries, customized
  • Version changes, highlighted
  • Source code, error filters, stack locals
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